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The Cool Guys are a small Australian-owned business servicing heating and cooling needs across Melbourne. With over 35 years of combined industry experienced we have learnt a few things about servicing clients. The most important step is building a relationship, and we pride ourselves on our ability to build and maintain harmonious relationships with all our clients.

We found the best way to build these relationships is through listening, and from the initial consultation we listen to and understand your needs and ideas. Your home is a special place built for ease and comfort. That’s why the Cool Guys work to satisfy your vision and never dictate how we think your home should feel. Installing heating and cooling is a long-term commitment and your home should benefit from the process.

Unlike many larger companies we don’t have any specific brand allegiance. This means we only recommend products that suit your individual needs instead of our own piggy bank. Every project is different and we find the right product to do the best job. The result is a tailor-made and cost effective solution to your heating and cooling needs.

In our years of work, we have learned that successful client/trade relationships are built on -

-  Information
-  Attention to detail
-  Communication
-  Reliability
-  Cost Effectiveness
-  And most important of all … SERVICE

This is our commitment to you – to provide these things at all times with honesty, respect, and good humour.

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