Ducted Air Conditioning

Harsh summers are no match for a ducted air conditioning system. Providing the most comprehensive and advanced air conditioning, ducted air conditioning systems are the most powerful and luxurious systems for any home.

Similar to ducted heating, ducted air conditioning operates through a series of ducts connected to a powerful separate refrigerating unit. The ducts, located in either the floor or ceiling, are the best in space saving technology and stay out of the way of furnishings and decorations.

Each ducted air conditioning system is specifically designed for the size and needs of an individual household. Ducts are zoned for maximum efficiency, and the system incorporates the best in inverter technology to ensure the most cost effective system is installed in your home.

Ducted air conditioning not only provides even cooling throughout a home, but by simply reversing the refrigeration it can serve as an equally powerful heating system. The beauty of ducted air conditioning is that through the process of refrigeration it filters the air and removes humidity, creating the most comfortable climate for your home.

Quick, quiet and unobtrusive, ducted air conditioning is everything you want out of a home cooling system. Ducted air conditioning not only means more comfortable living, but is a great investment for the long-term value of your home.

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