Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Ducted evaporative cooling is a unique system that allows for clean and natural living. The technology works by drawing in fresh outside air through an evaporative cooler. Water filled pads cool the air and release it into the home through a system of ducts.

What makes ducted evaporative cooling so special is the natural filtration process. Unlike air conditioners, which use liquid refrigerant to cool air, ducted evaporative cooling utilises water to create cooled air. This means the air released in your home is naturally filtered to provide healthy cool air.

You don’t have to seal your home up like a fridge to feel comfortable. Installing ducted evaporative cooling means you can still enjoy the breeze from open windows as cool air is dispersed throughout your home. The system is cheaper to install than many refrigerated cooling systems and much cheaper to run.

Enjoy the benefits of cooled air and invite nature into your home with a ducted evaporative cooling system.
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