Split System Air Conditioning

Split System Air Conditioners
Split system air conditioners are refrigerated air conditioning systems that cool, heat or combine both functions. Characterised by the separation of the refrigerated unit and the delivery system, split system air conditioners come in a variety of forms for a variety of needs and spaces.

Split system air conditioners can be single or multi split systems. Single systems feature a single indoor and outdoor unit connected by refrigerated piping, whereas multi split systems have multiple indoor units connected to the same outdoor unit.

The Cool Guys offer a great range of split system air conditioning options to suit your specific needs and budget.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners
Perhaps the most common and recognisable air conditioning systems, wall mounted split systems are an easy and powerful method of cooling or heating your home. Wall mounted units can be installed in one or more rooms and work off the same or multiple refrigeration units. The Cool Guys will assess your home and consult with you to determine the most effective option for your home.

Bulkhead & Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners
Bulkhead and ceiling cassette systems are ideal for rooms with limited space or access. Rooms with concrete ceilings often won’t allow for an inbuilt system so a bulkhead system can be installed. Where there is limited outdoor space for a refrigerated unit, a ceiling cassette can be installed to conceal the unit and provide powerful and aesthetic air conditioning.

Floor Standing Air Conditioners
Floor standing units are perfect for rooms where wall space is limited or ceilings are too high for effective wall mounted air conditioning. Placed at ground level, floor standing units provide compact and powerful air conditioning with the same versatility as other systems.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners
Split system air conditioning can be for cooling, heating or both. Reverse cycle systems provide cooling and heating options through the same system. Reverse cycle air conditioning is a great cost effective all-in-one option for rooms where separate systems are unable to be installed.

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