Ducted Heating

Standalone heating appliances just don’t do the trick during Melbourne’s chilling winters. To get the best all-round heating a proper system must be installed. Ducted heating is just the system. Ducted heating systems are an effective and versatile way to warm your home. Unlike standalone heating appliances, which cost a significant amount to run with poor results, ducted heating is a more efficient and consistent method of heating.

How It Works
Ducted heating features a central heating unit that connects to a series of ducts placed throughout a home. Air is gas heated in the central heating unit and distributed through the system of strategically placed ducts. Controlled by a thermostat, the hot air provides quick and effective heating evenly across a home.

Standalone heating appliances are an obtrusive nuisance and take up space. Ducted heating ducts sit flush in floors or ceilings and do not take usable space away from a room, making ducted heating a joy to live with.

Why choose ducted heating?
For the comfort of a warm home ducted heating is a relatively inexpensive system to install. Although ducts are usually placed beneath flooring, houses with limited space or on concrete slabs can have the ducts placed in the ceiling. Ducted heating warms rooms quickly and evenly so they stay warm for longer. Its speed, price and versatility make it one of the most popular household heating systems.

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