Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is widely regarded as the most comfortable and effective central heating system. Hydronic heating uses a water boiler to produce radiated heat from the surface of the radiator directly to people and furnishings, and convected heat from the radiator’s internal fins to warm the atmosphere. The combination of these two heating methods means a home is heated quickly and quietly with maximum comfort.

How It Works
At the core of a hydronic heating system is the boiler. Located either inside or outside the home, the boiler is linked to a thermostat and controlled electronically. A system of pipes carry hot water to and from the boiler to each radiator to produce the radiated and convected heat.

The system is quiet and can be installed in a variety of ways, including wall-mounted radiators or trench convectors that sit under the floor. Individual thermostats can be installed in each room to provide highly versatile heating options.

Why choose hydronic heating?
There are many exciting benefits of hydronic heating ranging from structural to environmental. A key characteristic of hydronic heating is its ability to be installed in almost any home. Unlike ducted heating, which requires a significant amount of space, hydronic heating can be installed in homes with very little space or on concrete slabs. Piping can be installed under floors or through ceilings meaning space is rarely ever an issue. Hydronic heating is perfect for older homes with restricted access and makes a stylish installment for newly built houses.

Another major advantage of hydronic heating is its energy efficiency. Hydronic heating systems are significantly cheaper to run than other heating systems so your energy bills will definitely feel the benefits. Hydronic heating is also efficient with water. Once a system is filled it will recycle the water for continuous use meaning your water usage remains low.

Hydronic heating is also hygienically friendly. Ducted heating systems blow hot air into rooms, meaning dust and allergens are in constant circulation. Hydronic heating has no such impact so it is safer for everyone in the family.

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